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New Generation Home Builders, Inc. in Gainesville, Florida.  Welcome to our newly designed web site! For decades, the Ross family has been serving Gainesville with rock-solid communities. South Pointe is the defining achievement. South Pointe is a beautiful new homes community right in the heart of Gainesville, FL.

At New Generation Home Builders, Inc., we strive to work with you to give you the home you have always wanted. While many builders will not allow you to make changes or charge you exorbitant prices to do so, we will work with you to make changes at reasonable prices. Come see what we are building in order isotretinoin from india

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For starters, we will modify our existing plans for you or even use your plan. Our design services are offered at a fraction of the price a professional architect would charge. In some cases, we can also build on your own lot.

Next, during your color selection process, we offer two hours free consultation with our professional decorator. She will work with you to make sure the vision you have for your home becomes a reality.
We also allow you to make timely changes during the construction process with a minimal change order fee. Due to ordering times and scheduling considerations, some changes may not be made after the home reaches a certain stage of construction. We will work with you, however, to accommodate the changes you desire for your home as much as possible. Since different buyers have different financial circumstances, we have several ways you can finance your home.

Finally, we realize most people have little experience with construction and may not understand everything that happens during construction. So, our superintendents are available to meet with you during construction in the event you have concerns or questions about the construction process.

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Come and see us!   We want to build your new home!

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